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Gravity Falls hidden words played backwards:

Season 1: Everything thing changes

Season 2: The Envision

W Season 2: I am watching you
Well I have found out even with my busy life I can come on here once in a while just not as much as I would like...
For #markmak drawing of Bipper and Dipper  Hi, I am Bipper and this is Jackass. by markmak  Art by #markmak)

Bipper (Narrating): Ah, summer break. A time for action, pain and taking nothing easy.

The camera stops at the "Welcome to Gravity Falls" sign.

Bipper: *Smiles* Especially if you're me.

Bipper Cipher and Dipper Pines jumps off a cliff with a shopping cart, with Dipper screaming and Bipper yelling for joy. They are still plummeting down to Earth at top speed.


Bipper: My name is Bipper. The boy who looks just like me yelling at me is Dipper Pines or as I like to call him Jack***. You may be wondering what we're doing in a shopping cart, falling down to Earth at top speed.


The image freezes with Bipper laughing and Dipper screaming as they crash into the screen of the camera.

Bipper: Rest assured you, s***** creatures, there's a perfectly logical explanation.

Cut to the theme song for Weirdmageddon. Cut's back to Dipper floating an inch above the ground with eyes held shut as if expecting to hit the ground and Bipper laying on the ground knocked out with the shopping cart laying on its side bent in all different angles.

Dipper: *Sighs* Let's rewind. (Flashback to Dipper and Bill in the attack of the Mistry Shack) It all began when my computer was crashing and I needed the code for it before it self-destructed itself when I thought I all my work was lost Bill appeared and offered me a deal. If I gave Bill a puppet he would give me the code to the computer in return. Simple huh? The code for the computer exchange for one small puppet I mean how harmless could that mean? So I agreed and soon I found out that the puppet Bill wanted was me...

Bill rips Dipper out of his body and becomes Bipper. Cut to a map of Oregon. Zoom into Gravity Falls.

Dipper (Narrating): So after Bill had taken over my body Mable had defeated him and kicked him out of my body with my help of course but the deal of me being Bill's puppet was never finished so after Weirdmageddon and then the next summer Bill had somehow taken over my body... I forgot how or why I shook his hand or if he just took over my body that part has always been a blur to me...

Dipper (No longer Narrating): But as you -camera looks at Bipper laying on the ground bleeding and legs in awkward angle with eyes shut- can see now there is now way I am getting out of it...
I will not be on most likely for a month or two due to some upcoming thing in my life...

The Svorsvian Ranger By:CassandraAltman14 (Ranger's Apprentice)

She stood gazing in awe on the deck of the WolfWill as it gently sailed away from the island of Svorsvia. The island she knew almost too well. She had grown up as a chattel in the island of Svorsvia to a man of the name of "Jacob Black" before she turned to the age of fifteen and was used as a female gladiator where she meet a young teenager girl in the arena by the name of "Maddie Altman" who had been captured from Araluen by the Svorsvians and taken to Svorsvia and was also used as a female gladiator. 

After fighting as a gladiator for about five months and somehow managing to live through that time were saved by a band of Skandias, three rangers, a knight, and (somewhat surprisingly to her) a princess by the name of "Cassandra Altman," who had all defeated the Svorsvians and freed the slaves from their bondages and allowed them to go wherever they pleased. She had decided to go back with Maddie to Araluen, and right now she was uncertain of her decision of going to a new place, but she would not for the whole entire world would ever step one foot on that island or stay there one moment, that Island and the people there had shown her nothing but hatred and loneliness her whole entire life. 

She gave one last bleak look at the island that she hated, then turned around and gazed lonesomely at Maddie who was now talking with her mentor, mother, father, and with one of the other mysteries ranger. She smiled wistfully as Cassandra hugged her daughter for the second or third time that day. She had never known her mother or father who had died fighting as gladiators when she was only a baby, but she had always imagined her mother short, with long wavy Auburn hair, and kind soft dark green emerald eyes just like her own eye, and for her father she imagined him tall, with dark short brown hair, and humble dark brown eyes, she on the other side was short, slender, with short Bolzano Brown hair, and a shocking right dark green emerald eye with a left white dull eye which she was blind in and also had a scar running down it, it had become that way when she was fighting in the arena as a gladiator at the beginning of the week. She winced as she remembered the short curved sword slitting roughly through her left eye, then touched the bandage which now covered her injured left eye.

Maddie saw the young fifteen-year-old girl standing off at a distance watching them with such a forlorn look that would pierce anyone's heart whoever would stop and look at her. They others followed Maddie's gaze to see a lonely girl just standing there watching them with a forlorn look. As soon as she noticed them looking at her she quickly turned away, hoping and praying that they had not noticed her long.

Cassandra turned to Maddie and asked, "Who is she?"

"That's a girl I meet while I was fighting as a gladiator," Maddie said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"What's her name?"

Maddie glanced at her mother and answered, "She does not have one."

"Does she have a family?" This time, it was Will who asked the question.

"Not from what she has said to me," Maddie replied.

Will remembered how hard it was for him not to have a family or even know his own last name. His thoughts were broken by a horrible noise coming from Halt who had been leaning over the railing since the had started.


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I like Ranger's Apprentice.


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