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Ok, so I am doing a Ranger's Apprentice Agent RP and I was wondering if you would like to join? (13 and up).…
Another year for fun, adventure, The Maze Runner, Ranger's Apprentice and many other things! *Cough* And school *cough.*
Have a great year everyone,
~Cassandra Altman
 :happybounce: CURSE YOU! Love Singing Hi! Airborne w00t! 

Fanfiction: Ranger's Apprentice

Will, Evanlyn, Horace, Alyss, Gilan, George, Jenny, Crowley, Halt, and Lady Pauline had all decided to play the new game Gilan had picked to play for Friday Game night it was called "Truth or Dare!"

After Gilan had told them the instructions of the game the started Evanlyn goes first.

"Ok Evanlyn Truth or Dare." Evanlyn smiled venomously at her.

"Uh... Dare." Alyss replied gritting her teeth.

Alyss gave a little smirk before daring. "Ok Evanlyn I dare you too," Evanlyn leaned in next to Alyss and whispered the rest into her ear, "I dare you to through a big fit the next time Will offers you something." It may not have been the best dare but it was the only one right off the top of her head. Alyss glared at her and mouthed "challenge accepted" and in that moment Alyss knew Evanlyn was going to pay her back hard.

The others watched intently as the girls did their little exchange.

"Ok, then I am next," Crowley said happily breaking the tension in the air. "I pick you," Crowley said pointing to Halt who was already glaring at him. "Ok T-" Before Crowley could finish Halt had already replied, "Truth."

"Tell everyone about what you did when you meet Lady Pauline."

Halt had not been expecting to be dared to tell about the embarrassing moment about what he did when he had meet Lady Pauline. "Will er..." He paused to glare at Will who was not even trying to keep a straight face.

"Sorry Halt go on." But Will was obviously not sorry for he still continued to smile.

Halt ignored Will and continued, "Will when I meet Pauline stood up knockedoverachairandmycloakfellovermyhead."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa what happened this time more slowly if you, please Halt," Crowley said.

Halt turned into a dark beat red. "I knocked over my chair and my cloak fell over my head. Happy?" Halt said the last word none to nicely.

"But why Halt?" Crowley continued.

"You already asked me one question!" Halt snapped back. He was deeply embarrassed already and he was not about to go any deeper.

Pauline and the others were very much amused.

"I want to know why," Gilan said sweetly.

Halt glared at him,"Your lucky I am not next.

"You know I think I am," Gilan said adding more frustration to Halt's anger.

"I am next," Horace called out, "Ok Crowley Truth or Dare."


"Ok, I dare you to tell us your frist love."

"What! I am not going to do that!"

"Do it I dared you."

"Fine it was Pauline." Crowley said this time he and Pauline turned bright red.

"Horace you literally have made today a lot better." Halt remarked smiling at Crowley.

"What about me?" Will asked.

Halt ignored his apprentice.

"I am next!" Alyss shouted then looked right at Evanlyn. "Ok Cassandra truth or dare."


"Ok tell everyone your deepest darkest secret."

Evanlyn instantly went pale then red. "Uh, I have a b-" Before she could finish Will who knew the answer quickly interrupted and asked, "Alyss would you like some coffee?"

Evanlyn sighed and looked at Alyss and nodded her head towards Will.

"Ugh, I hate COFFEE! Will you know that! Why does ever one here drink coffee!" Alyss shouted out loud.

Pauline, George, and especially Will were much surprise at Alyss outburst.

"What the!?!" Halt shouted Alyss outburst had all so startled him.

"Cassandra told me to do it," Alyss said accusingly pointing at Evanlyn.

"Thanks for telling everyone," Evanlyn replied.

"Your welcome now back to my dare I asked you."

"She doesn't have to answer it you know," Will said interrupting again making everyone more couries.

"No, she does have to it is the rules," Jenny exclaimed.

Evanlyn looked down at the ground and decided to just pull the bandage off. "I have a brand on my left shoulder from Skandia." Evanlyn choked a bit on the last word.

"Evanlyn I-I didn't know," Alyss said soothingly.

"You didn't have to!" Evanlyn said quickly standing up and running out the door.

"Evanlyn come back!" Will called out to her.

"Will what's going on!?!" Halt said yanking his apprentice down on to the chair as Pauline went to go after Evanlyn.

"Nothing! Nothing you are anyone needs to know!" Will yelled back getting everybody else attention away from Evanlyn to Will and Halt.

"Will I need to know what is going on and you need to tell me now!"

"When Evanlyn and I were in Skandia we were beaten and worst of all we got branded which means we are forever a slave!" Will started sobbing to everyones much surprise.

"Will why didn't you tell me this before?" Halt said.

"I was scared! I was a coward! I didn't know what all of you would think of me!" Will started to sob and Halt raped his arms around him.

"Will we would never hate you!" Horace exclaimed out loud.

"Will you mean a lot to all of us why would we hate you over that." This time it was George who spoke up.

"Will we all love you," Alyss added in along with Jenny.

"You are a Ranger a good Ranger and a good boy," Crowley added.

"Will you are too much like a brother to me I would never hate you," Gilan added as well.

Will continue to sob he could not seem to stop himself he had been too scared about what would happen if he told them and now he had and the had not been angry or disappointed in him.

Just then Pauline came back with a tear stained Evanlyn whom she had already talked to. Alyss sprang up and hugged her telling her sorry over and over again.

Soon Will and Evalyn had stopped crying and the room was silent for a while but Gilan broke the silent by yawning and then exclaiming, "Will I think we have had enough of this truth or dare game and..." Gilan paused and looked out the window, "Wow would you look how late is has gotten I should be heading off towards my fief and I think Evanlyn is ready to go back with you Alyss to Redmont." Every time there was a game night Friday Evanlyn would spend the night with Alyss and Pauline much to Alyss annoyance. And with that, everyone added their agreement and left.

Will looked up at Halt and apologized for his outburst after ever one had left."I am sorry Halt"

"it's ok Will you should probably get some rest."

Will nodded his head in reply.

"Will one more thing."

Will looked over at Halt

"Yes, Halt?"

"Will you are not a slave that brand is no more than a scare. Nobody owns you got that. You are my apprentice and I will always be there for you."

"Thanks, Halt I love you."

"I love you too son."

Will went to bed lighter and happier than he had ever been before little did he know was Evanlyn was feeling the same way.

The Svorsvian Ranger By:CassandraAltman14 (Ranger's Apprentice)

She stood gazing in awe on the deck of the WolfWill as it gently sailed away from the island of Svorsvia. The island she knew almost too well. She had grown up as a chattel in the island of Svorsvia to a man of the name of "Jacob Black" before she turned to the age of fifteen and was used as a female gladiator where she meet a young teenager girl in the arena by the name of "Maddie Altman" who had been captured from Araluen by the Svorsvians and taken to Svorsvia and was also used as a female gladiator. 

After fighting as a gladiator for about five months and somehow managing to live through that time were saved by a band of Skandias, three rangers, a knight, and (somewhat surprisingly to her) a princess by the name of "Cassandra Altman," who had all defeated the Svorsvians and freed the slaves from their bondages and allowed them to go wherever they pleased. She had decided to go back with Maddie to Araluen, and right now she was uncertain of her decision of going to a new place, but she would not for the whole entire world would ever step one foot on that island or stay there one moment, that Island and the people there had shown her nothing but hatred and loneliness her whole entire life. 

She gave one last bleak look at the island that she hated, then turned around and gazed lonesomely at Maddie who was now talking with her mentor, mother, father, and with one of the other mysteries ranger. She smiled wistfully as Cassandra hugged her daughter for the second or third time that day. She had never known her mother or father who had died fighting as gladiators when she was only a baby, but she had always imagined her mother short, with long wavy Auburn hair, and kind soft dark green emerald eyes just like her own eye, and for her father she imagined him tall, with dark short brown hair, and humble dark brown eyes, she on the other side was short, slender, with short Bolzano Brown hair, and a shocking right dark green emerald eye with a left white dull eye which she was blind in and also had a scar running down it, it had become that way when she was fighting in the arena as a gladiator at the beginning of the week. She winced as she remembered the short curved sword slitting roughly through her left eye, then touched the bandage which now covered her injured left eye.

Maddie saw the young fifteen-year-old girl standing off at a distance watching them with such a forlorn look that would pierce anyone's heart whoever would stop and look at her. They others followed Maddie's gaze to see a lonely girl just standing there watching them with a forlorn look. As soon as she noticed them looking at her she quickly turned away, hoping and praying that they had not noticed her long.

Cassandra turned to Maddie and asked, "Who is she?"

"That's a girl I meet while I was fighting as a gladiator," Maddie said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"What's her name?"

Maddie glanced at her mother and answered, "She does not have one."

"Does she have a family?" This time, it was Will who asked the question.

"Not from what she has said to me," Maddie replied.

Will remembered how hard it was for him not to have a family or even know his own last name. His thoughts were broken by a horrible noise coming from Halt who had been leaning over the railing since the had started.


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